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Renew My Certification


State Requirements: Food Protection Manager per location. Food Handlers must have a food worker card. 

Food Protection Manager: Required. 

Food Handlers: Required.  

Exceptions: Anchorage does not require a Certified Food Safety Manager if you are not considered type 2 and Type 3 risk.

Food Manager Training Hours: Recommended but not required. 

Food Handler Training Course: Required - Anchorage requires Food Handler training within 30 days of hire.

Food Manager Certification and Food Handler Certificate Renewal: Food Manager every 3 years; Food Handler every 3 years for Anchorage. The State of Alaska does not have a renewal requirement.

National Registry of Food Safety Professionals Acceptance: Yes

Course Materials Available: Yes

Approved Options: Classroom, Proctored Online and Pearson Vue Centers. Please check with your local jurisdiction or regulatory body for the most current information.